Fast Track

Fast track is a free feature within WorkStep HIRE that is proven to increase qualified candidates and hires. When enabled, the WorkStep system will automatically screen candidates based on your criteria. Qualified candidates will automatically be invited to schedule an interview. Candidates that do not meet your criteria can still be manually reviewed.

We are in a war for talent and speed is of the essence. Amazon uses an automated hiring process that can hire candidates in less than a day without talking to a human. WorkStep Fast Track can help you compete.

Employers with Fast Track enabled make 50-100% more hires than employers that do not use Fast Track enabled.

How does Fast Track work?

Fast Track will automatically invite a candidate to an interview when the candidate passes your screening criteria. For example, you can automatically invite to an interview any candidate that has at least 3+ years of pallet jack experience, while still manually screening candidates with at least some pallet jack experience.

Fast Track is recommended for ALL roles in WorkStep, but is highly recommended for:

  • All skilled trade roles
  • All trucking roles
  • Warehouse & production roles with >2 open positions

Benefits of Fast Track

  • Speed up time to hire by 3-5 days. Organizations that leverage Fast Track are hiring faster.
  • Fast Track allows you to be instantly responsive 24/7. If the ideal candidate applies Friday night at 10 pm, the system will automatically respond and invite the candidate to an interview before the candidate gets an offer from a competitor.
  • Save time manually screening candidates. If you could save 30 minutes reviewing profiles each day, how could you spend that time investing in your broader team?
  • Keep up with the competition. Amazon candidates receive a preliminary job offer with hours of applying, even on nights and weekends. It’s impossible to compete with that with a human-only review setup.
  • Interview more candidates. Fast Track reduces the time to review, which increases the number of interviews taking place. More interviews leads to more hires.
  • Save time while remaining in control. You have the option to view, screen, or cancel all candidates ahead of the interview, so you can still maintain control over who makes it into the interview stage.
  • Control the flow of candidates automatically. Fast Track allows you to control the volume and flow of candidates. The best way to do this is by toggling max interview times per day or week. Click here to learn more about the interview calendar settings.
  • Employees hired using Fast Track have a 20% turnover reduction from employees not hired via Fast Track. Moving faster enables you to hire more qualified candidates for your roles that retain longer.
  • Removes bias from the hiring process with screening based on skills and experience.

Interested in getting started with Fast Track?

To get started, contact your WorkStep representative or reach out

Fast Track FAQ

Q: I have Fast Track enabled, but I still have to review candidates? A: Fast track will automatically move candidates to interviews only when the candidate has passed all screening questions. If a candidate fails at least one screening question, then the candidate will be placed for manual review.

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