Insights: Favorability

How is Favorability Calculated?

Favorability is the percentage of employees that responded “favorable” to a question. This is based on a 5-point scale where 4 (‘Agree’) and 5 (‘Strongly Agree’) are considered “favorable.”

Why is Favorability better than average satisfaction?

WorkStep uses a favorability calculation because this number represents individuals and is easier to interpret than the average score of an entire company. For example, if you see a Favorability score of 60%, this means that 60% of the employees in the given region or role feel favorable about your company. Whereas an average score of 2.6 doesn’t provide a clear indication of how many employees feel positively about the organization. 

The Favorability calculation is also easier to compare to other numbers since it is based on a 100-point scale instead of a 5-point scale. For example, it's easier to compare a 21% favorability score to a 15% favorability score than to compare a 3.8 average score to a 3.7 average score.

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