October 2023

Improved alert assignment response times

We have deployed an update that significantly speeds up the time to assign, unassign, reassign or resolve an Alert to less than a second.

Update to Time to First Response Calculation

We identified an issue with the way we were presenting time to first response metrics on the Assignments page earlier this month and the fix for that bug resulted in a small change to the way we calculate that metric. 

  • The Problem: Previously we were calculating time to first response as the time between when an alert became an alert (as in when a comment was marked as an alert) and the time it was replied to by a user. In cases where a user then marked a comment as an alert after it had been replied to, it would cause the time to first response metric to break.
  • The Solution: We’re now calculating time to first response as the time between when the comment is processed in the alert dashboard and when it is first replied to by the user. This may slightly increase the time to first response for customers, but is a more accurate representation of the time between an employee leaving feedback and getting a response.

Export your graphs as a PNG Image

We have introduced a new button within the download dropdown menu on the Insights page. Now, users can export their WorkStep graphs as a PNG image to share with their team, include in presentations, and increase executive visibility. 

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