September 2021 - What's New

What is WorkStep Solving For You in This Release?

  • Hire 50% more qualified candidates with WorkStep Fast Track
  • Become a WorkStep expert with the New WorkStep Knowledge Base
  • Keep your team members informed with our updated email notifications
  • WorkStep RETAIN Insights - even more insights 

Hire 50% More Qualified Candidates With WorkStep Fast Track

Fast Track is a feature included within WorkStep HIRE, proven to increase qualified candidates and hires. 

  • Don’t miss out on the best candidates
  • Keep up with the competition by automating the screening process
  • Interview more qualified candidates

For more information on Fast Track, visit our Fast Track article, or talk to your WorkStep representative about enabling the Fast Track feature for your roles. 


Become a WorkStep Expert With the New WorkStep Knowledge Base 

Check out the new WorkStep Knowledge Base that has been updated with new product documentation, tips and tricks, and best practices.Benefits of the new Knowledge Base include: 

  • Enhanced search, so you can easily search for answers
  • More intuitive user interface 
  • Better coverage of product documentation, tips, and best practices 
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Stay Informed With Our Updated Email Notifications

We have updated the WorkStep RETAIN emails to reduce the frequency of non-urgent email communications and highlight areas that need attention. For more information, visit our WorkStep RETAIN email notifications.


WorkStep RETAIN Insights - Even More Insights  

We have added some additional charts to WorkStep Retain including charts for Favorability by Check-in and Responsiveness by Check-in. For more information visit WorkStep RETAIN Insights.

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