September 2023

Faster page load times:

  • As part of a larger background metrics project, load times for users on the Summary, Comments and Assignments pages within Feedback and on the Responses page within Check-ins have been significantly improved. Across all users, we’re seeing a significant decrease in the time it takes to load comments (ie: when clicking on “alerts” or “all comments” or a single comment and its bundled comments). We’re also seeing a significant decrease in the time it takes to load the unread comment counts!
  • Here are some quick metrics highlighting the improvements:
    • Unread comment count average response time decreased ~87%
    • General comments endpoint (fetching comments from the server) average response time decreased ~76%
    • Related comments endpoint (fetching related comments and replies/notes) average response time decreased ~58%
    These numbers are averaged across all customers and all users, so individual results may vary depending on how much data any particular user has, but the overall trend we’re seeing is very positive!

Time to First Response Metric:

  • We’ve deployed an update to the Assignments page where we have replaced our “Time to Resolve” metric with a “Time to First Response” metric. 
    Why? After we rolled out our Conversations feature, we saw that the time to resolve metric became inflated for most customers since conversations opened from an alert are not considered resolved until the conversation is closed. What became clear is that our customers are more interested in tracking how quickly their users are to initially address an issue vs. the total time it may take to resolve it. So that’s why we’ve introduced the time to first response metric while also maintaining the total % resolved metric for our customers. 

Alert Management Process Improvements:

  •  We have deployed an update that significantly speeds up the time it takes to assign, unassign, reassign or resolve an Alert. We heard from some of our users that this action was painfully slow (~20 seconds per assignment) and today it’s less than a second!

If you would like to dive deeper into any of our recent launches or existing feature set, feel free to explore our Knowledge Base or contact

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