Exporting and Sharing RETAIN Data

We know that much of the data you collect through RETAIN would be beneficial to share to other teams throughout your org. There are a few places where you'll be able to export, share, or download the information to distribute as needed to users outside of RETAIN or for your own data management.


For Administrators, the Team page content is available to export to help support the management of your users:

  1. Once logged into the WorkStep platform, open Settings in the top right corner of the page
  2. Choose Team
  3. Select the download icon next to Invite a team member


Each focus of the Insights feature will be available to download and share in-platform. Look for the download icon in the top right corner of each area to download the data as a PDF.

  • Favorability
  • Responsiveness
  • Reachability
  • Retention

You can choose Copy Link to share the exact page and data with another WorkStep RETAIN user, or you can Export the data to CSV

If the data set for a particular data focus is too small and risks anonymity, the Export CSV option will not be available.


All comments will be available to export to CSV. You can do so by clicking the EXPORT link in the top right of the page:

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