July 2023

New Check-in Widget bar 

  • Check-ins just keep getting better! We introduced an all new widget bar on the overview page.
  • You can find this new feature in any of our check-ins. Clicking on the title of the widget will bring you directly to the eNPS question card which includes:
    • eNPS
      • Quick view of their eNPS score
      • Breakdown of Promoters, Passive, and Detractors
      • A helpful Gauge to understand what their number score actually means.

Completion Time

  • We've added the average time it takes for an employee to complete a check-in including the fastest and slowest amount of time it took to complete.
  • Right now, the data will show the amount of time between when the survey was opened and when it was completed. For example, if an employee opened a survey and did not come back to it for 3 days, it will reflect as 3 days. This does not mean the employee was physically working on it for that amount of time. We are looking at ways to make this number more accurate in the future.


  • Compares the number of employees who responded to the survey by the total number of recipients.
  • You now have the ability to edit the check-in “Thank you” message. (custom check-ins only)

Check-in Responsiveness Breakdown 

  • We've added an all new Responsiveness Breakdown card to the Check-in overview page where you can quickly see the most responsive locations.
  • We also added the ability to change the card to see breakdowns for:
    • Roles
    • Departments
    • Regions
    • Any other custom way a company has set up their data to slice and dice.
  • We also added a 'sort' toggle to the page if you'd like to reverse the sort order and focus on those who've been the least responsive
Questions? Reach out to our support team at (213) 377-0974 or email us at employers@workstep.com.

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