December 2023

The Hub 

For customers running one-time surveys, we have developed a new associate landing page, ‘The Hub.’ When a company is running a one-time survey, employees can now visit and log in to fill out their surveys from a computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Easily share surveys with employees

We have released the ability to share a custom survey with employees by:

  • Copying a link to the survey
  • Downloading a QR code

Both will navigate employees to the new Employee Hub ( For now this is only for custom surveys such as engagement surveys but will be coming to all surveys in the future.

Platform-wide performance improvements:

Insights page improvements:

  • Update to Favorability calculation
  • Faster load times within the Insights page
  • Bug fix to the Response Rates by Reachability card on the Reachability tab.

Comments improvements:

  • Faster time to load comments wherever comments appear in the product.
  • Standardized comment counts in the Comments tab on the Feedback page and the comments widget in the dashboard.
  • Removed the 5,000 comment limit within the Comments tab on the Feedback page.

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