August 2023

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  • We introduced Bright™ by WorkStep!
  • Bright™ by WorkStep is a suite of AI features designed to help users collect, analyze, and act on their employee feedback. With Bright™ Prompts, WorkStep leverages AI technology to automatically ask a follow-up question when an employee’s survey response lacks detail. This way, users receive more specific, actionable information from their employees with no additional work. 
  • Trending Topics powered by Bright™ surfaces trends in employee feedback so users can gain deeper insight into their workforce’s sentiments and proactively address concerns or capitalize on positive initiatives. With Bright™, WorkStep helps users reduce the time from insights to actions to drive employee satisfaction.

Comment Analysis:

  • Comment Analysis enables users to easily analyze their open-text feedback at scale. Capabilities include full text search, term expansion, sentiment analysis, and visual reporting of sentiment and frequency.
  • By clicking on any row within the Trending Topics table, or searching for a term, users can view a Report card which includes all comments surrounding that topic. The Report card also features Overview, Sentiment, and Frequency charts filterable by state, location, role, age, and gender.

Full Text Search:

  • Users can now search for specific search terms, or click into a Trending Topic, to populate the report card with any comments that pertain to the subject within the last 180 days.
  • Our search functionality will also suggest additional search terms related to the original search, so users can drill down further.

Most and Least Favorable Questions:

  • From the Check-in Overview page, users can quickly spot the most and least favorable questions in their survey! 
  • Users can access this page by navigating to the Check-ins page > click Custom > and select the survey they would like to view

Question Card Overlay Changes:

Context: While the Responses list view in check-ins provides a simplified way to communicate overall check-in question results, It may prompt the desire to drill down to the details for a specific question. While the card view is better at this, it can be hard to find a specific question from the large stack of cards. So we made this easy!

  • Now clicking on any question in the list view will pop up the familiar card view in an overlay so users can drill down into the details such as answer breakdowns, comments, and favorability by location or role.
  • This can only be found on the responses list view - but look to have this new functionality popping up everywhere we show questions in the near future.

Surveys will still be answered at If you would like to dive deeper into any of our recent launches or existing feature set, feel free to explore our Knowledge Base or contact

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