Bright™ Prompts

What are Bright™ Prompts?

Bright™ Prompts utilizes AI to detect when an open-text response lacks context or details and immediately sends a single follow-up question within the survey to gather more information. With Bright™ Prompts, you will now get more actionable information from your employees with no additional work!

Bright™ Prompts helps reduce the time it takes to resolve employee issues with clarity around their concerns by increasing the length and specificity of the open-text responses provided by respondents to follow-up prompts. 

How will an employee experience Bright™ Prompts? 

If an employee provides a response to a question that triggers a follow-up, we’ll show the employee an additional question generated by GPT. Their initial response will be locked and stored immediately. 

If a Bright™ Prompt is sent, the survey respondent will be shown a new text box where they can expand upon their response. Bright Prompts take place directly in the survey experience and displays for the employee like a conversation without moving them to the next page. They will have the option to skip to the Bright™ Prompt question and continue to the next question without providing additional information.

  • There is no limit to the number of times a employee could receive a Bright™ Prompt in a single check-in, but there will always only be one Bright™ Prompt per question (Bright™ Prompts will not engage in an on-going conversation with the employee)
  • Bright™ Prompts will apply to census surveys (This can be disabled via a service request to disable completely at the company level)
  • Bright™ Prompts only apply to follow-up questions so it does not apply to questions where the only answer is an open-text response, such as Always On. 

How will employers experience Bright™ Prompts? 

Comments that received the Bright™ Prompt treatment where the employee chose to provide more information will appear as one comment, concatenated in the platform and will have the Bright™ Prompt icon visible in the platform (See below). 

The platform will not show the additional prompt provided by GPT, however, this information can be accessed by engineering if there’s ever a need. 

Bright™ Prompts will not increase the number of comments or alerts but will increase the length of some comments. 

  • Bright™ Prompts are not in lieu of or replacing comment replies. They will nudge employees to share more detail during the check-in so employers can make more informed decisions. 
  • Companies can choose to opt-out of Bright™ Prompts at a company level, otherwise Bright™ Prompts will apply to all of their check-ins (with the exception of exit surveys), across all employees.
  • Bright™ Prompts will apply to census surveys. However, this can be disabled via a service request to disable completely at the company level.
  • Bright™ Prompts are not enabled for the check-in previews in the platform.
  • Bright™ Prompts are not able to be customized.

How do Bright™ Prompts utilize AI?

Bright prompts use Generative AI (OpenAI) to additionally nudge employees to provide more information in their open-text follow-ups to equip our employers with more actionable feedback.

Based on the trigger logic we’ve set-up, if the criteria is met, OpenAI determines an appropriate follow-up prompt for the employee based on the information it’s been provided.

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