Comment Bundling

Comments under the Feedback page now display an expandable view of all open-text comments from the same hire from the same check-in in the content pane of the comments tab. 

Feature Details: 
  • When you select an individual comment from the middle pane of the comments page, the content pane will provide you with the option to expand and see other comments from that hire, from that same check-in where applicable
  • You will have the option to expand to see all comments (not just other positive or alert comments depending on which folder they are in)
  • Alerts that are part of a restricted alert category will continue to not be shown to users who do not have permissions to see it
  • The middle pane will continue to show individual rows for each comment
Comments that are self-identified are not bundled with comments that are not self-identified

Bulk Actions:

You can respond to multiple comments from the same hire, from the same check-in with a single reply, as well as assign and resolve alerts from the same hire, from the same check-in in bulk. 

Feature Details:
  • You can reply to individual comments/alerts OR reply to multiple comments/alerts at once 
  • You can add a note to an individual comment/alert OR to a group of comments/alerts
  • If you reply to more than one comment with a single reply, that will be made clear in the reply email notification that the employee receives
  • You can bulk resolve alerts from a specific hire and check-in within the content pane or resolve individual alerts within that space
    If a combination of comments are selected that are more than just alerts (ie: if a neutral comment and/or positive comment is selected in conjunction with an alert then the alert specific actions will be disabled)
  • You are able to assign individual alerts or bulk assign alerts from a specific hire and check-in within the content pane 
  • Comments with a custom alert criteria cannot be bulk replied with comments that do not meet the alert criteria, the reply icon will be disabled if both alerts and non-alert comments are selected

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