June 2023

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Vernacular Change - “Anonymous” to “Confidential”:

  • We will be making the change away from using the terms “anonymous” and “anonymity” in all customer-facing and internal documentation around our product. Instead, we will be using the terms “confidential” and “confidentiality.”
  • Our surveys are not “anonymous” as the respondent’s identity is stored in our database and the identity is used in different ways to create aggregate reporting.
  • “Confidential” is more true to what we do as we do not share the identity of respondents unless critical criteria are met.
    • Note: We go to great lengths to not disclose employee identities to our customers, the respondent’s employer. A great way to think of it is like doctor-patient privilege.

Survey Preview: 

  • A user will now be able to preview a survey directly in the portal UI and click through it to simulate the experience of an actual associate answering it, without any data being stored.
  • Survey previews allow customers to test a survey's UI before it rolls out to employees, ensuring each survey experience is delivered as intended to employees.

Design Changes: 

  • In preparation for our release of comment bundling, bulk actions and conversations we have released the new comment format. This is a simple design change and does not change any functionality for customers or move the location of any existing functionality.


  • Conversations allow employers to open a continuous dialogue with employees to ask for additional context when needed and close the loop when a resolution is reached all while protecting confidentiality.
  • Gain additional context and close the loop with employees for swift follow-up comment resolutions
  • Protect employee confidentiality while getting to the heart of their unique stressors

Comment Bundling:

  • Comment bundling helps leaders identify key themes and issues, prioritize action plans based on holistic sentiment analysis, and monitor progress towards specific goals or objectives
  • Accurately gauge the severity of issues, understand holistic sentiment, and ensure all relevant alerts are flagged, even if there are multiple alerts of the same category

Bulk Actions:

  • Allow users to respond to multiple comments from the same hire, from the same check-in with a single reply, as well as assign and resolve alerts from the same hire, and check-in in bulk.
  • Comments are traditionally resolved one at a time. This is time consuming for managers and frustrating for the employee to receive so many scattered texts.

Deployed fix for reply read receipts:

  • When we switched over to a new data model for comment replies last as part of the Conversations work, there was a bug that was preventing us from tracking read receipts of replies via email (we were still tracking them if the employee opened the reply via SMS). A fix for that has been rolled out!
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