How does anonymity work in WorkStep RETAIN?

Protecting the anonymity of the feedback we collect is key to gathering the most candid and insightful feedback possible. WorkStep protects the anonymity of feedback collecting using these mechanisms:

  • Employee name is hidden: The name and employee ID of the responder will always be hidden in the WorkStep platform to protect a user's anonymity.
  • Minimum of three rule: Whenever a category has fewer than three responses, the responses are hidden. For example, if you filtered by a role, facility, or check-in, and the filtered results returned fewer than three responses, the responses are hidden.
  • Responses are not displayed in real-time: Responses are not displayed the same day they are collected. Recent comments will include comments received yesterday, but won't include comments received today. Comments that are flagged as an alert and therefore warrant a higher level of urgency are an exception and may appear sooner.

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