What is Conversations?

Conversations allow users to open a confidential dialogue with an employee in order to derive actionable insights and more detail regarding issues in open-text feedback.

Employer Access:

Conversations will only be available to customers who have the ACT package and will be a company level setting with the default option being turned on. Any users who currently have the ability to reply to comments (Editors and Admins) will have the ability to open a Conversation

Users will be able to view any open Conversation with a hire that is within their scope with the exception of Conversations that are started from a sensitive comment and there is restricted access

Conversations will be a company level setting with the default option being turned on. If your team would not like to have Conversations enabled, or if you have questions about the ACT package, please contact your Customer Success Consultant. 

Employer Experience:

Employers can optionally open up a Conversation on the reply level. So, for every initial reply they send (whether a reply to a single comment or a bulk reply) they will be able to choose to open up a Conversation with the employee.

Once a Conversation is open, it can be accessed from the new “Open conversations” folder on the left-hand menu of the comments page. Conversations will also be visible from the original comment in which they originated and that comment’s respective folder. (ie: if a conversation originated from an alert, that Conversation can continue to be viewed by selecting that alert in the alert folder)

Each new reply in a Conversation will mark that comment as unread, and it would reappear in the original folder the comment originated from. When a Conversation is opened from an alert reply, that alert will be marked as replied to but will not be considered resolved until the Conversation has been closed.

An employer can close the Conversation at any point in time. They can choose to reply and close or to close without a final reply. Conversations will not ever be automatically closed. 

There is no limit to the number of messages within a Conversation and no limit to the length of time a Conversation can be open and more than one employer is able to reply in an open conversation

  • Conversations are assigned to the employer who initially opened the Conversation and will not be reassigned even if another employer user engages in the conversation
We will not reassign any alert that is already assigned, but we will assign an alert upon reply if it is not already assigned

Conversation replies will be excluded from the internal alert dashboard and will not be able to be marked as an alert or positive

Employer Notifications: 

  • New replies from employees in an open Conversation will be considered in alert counts and in the notification bell in platform
  • Conversations with unread replies from employees will show as unread
  • Conversation activity will be included in the daily alert email notifications that employers receive

Employee Experience:

Employees will receive both an SMS and email notification, immediately, when they have been sent a reply that either opens up a two-way conversation or is part of an on-going conversation.

Employee notifications for Conversations activity will be separate from the notifications employees receive around closed comment replies.

  • Notifications (both email and SMS) will direct employees to a web-based interface where they will be able to see replies from their employer from Conversations and respond
  • Employees will be notified via email and SMS when the Conversation has been closed (regardless of if there was a final response from the employer). The web based interface will also indicate that the conversation is closed and the reply text box will be removed. 
  • Employees will be able to see in the web based interface, who each specific reply is coming from (as more than one employer user could be engaging with them in the same Conversation)
  • SMS will be sent from the same Retain check-in number. Unsubscribing will unsubscribe the employee from reply notifications, Conversation notifications and receiving check-ins via SMS.

Emails will be sent from Unsubscribing from these will also unsubscribe from check-ins. If they unsubscribe from all email we just disable email.  If they unsubscribe from specifically "Employer Feedback" then we disable all check-in coms for both email & sms.

If an employee has two separate Conversations open with their employer, they will receive separate notifications about those conversations – they will not be batched.

There is no authentication for the web based interface, so we want to ensure that employees are not sharing that link with others as it would allow them to reply on their behalf.

Employee replies will be anonymous UNLESS they chose to self-identify in the initial comment that started the conversation. Employees will not be shown read receipts for when their replies are read by their employer

WorkStep will not offer translation for Conversations, so if the employer chooses to respond in a language other than the employee’s native language there will be no option to translate in the interface

See Conversations in action!

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