Editable Templated Responses

Your employees want to be heard - show them that you’re listening with messages that address their concerns. With RETAIN’s new reply features, you can now:

  • Craft a personalized response 
  • Prepare some handy templates to field common issues
  • Repurpose RETAIN’s built in templates to get started faster
Editing and saving templates are currently restricted to Admin users only. Editors and Viewers can still view and use saved templates for replies but cannot edit or save their own.

How it works:

Composing your own messages:
  1. Click Reply on any comment to get started
  2. Next, just type away in the text area!

Using a WorkStep Template:

Get started faster by using your WorkStep Templates

  1. Click on the Reply Templates icon
  2. Select one of our templates

By default, you’ll have access to four Workstep templates covering a few topics:

  • Anti Harassment 
    Use this template when responding to feedback concerning unacceptable workplace behavior. Update the content to include important hotline numbers or links to employee handbooks to provide interim guidance.
  • Request for feedback
    Use this template to encourage your employees for a follow up.
  • Thank you - Positive feedback
    Use this template to show your appreciation towards employees reporting positive feedback.
  • Thank you - Generic
    Similar to Request for feedback, use this template to encourage  your employees to reach out for a follow up.

Saving a new template

 You can edit  templates and save them for later use. To do so:

  1. After editing an existing template (Anti Harassment in our example), click the Reply Templates icon. 
  2. Select Add as new template from the drop down
  3. In the dialogue that appears, name your template
  4. Click Save, and you’re good to go!

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