Summary Feedback Overview

The Summary Feedback page allows you to view aggregate feedback data for each question included in check-ins. Each section maps to a question. Some questions will appear in multiple check-ins.

A green dot in your left navigation next to Feedback means you have new feedback since the last time you viewed the Feedback page.

On the Summary Feedback page, you will see a section for each question. The title of each section includes the question text.

  • Check-ins: Beneath the title, you will see a list of check-ins the question is included in.
  • Total Responses: Provides the total number of responses to this question across all check-ins.
  • Overall Score: gives you an aggregate score for this question for all responses.

There are three views for each question:

  • This Survey is selected by default and shows the overall score for the question.
  • By Month is the second chart option and shows the average score for this question over time compared to the industry average.
  • By Checkin shows how the average score compares across checkins.
  • Selecting 'Show Details' provides a breakdown by Division and by Role
  • If the question includes the opportunity to leave open-ended comments, you will see a 'Show more' button that will show comments received for this question. This section will include every comment received for this question. These comments are sorted in order from most recent to least recent.


  • Filters for the page allow you to filter the data displayed on the page. Filters can be configured for each client. Talk to your WorkStep representative about customizing your filters.
  • When filters are applied, if fewer than three responses are returned for a given data set, responses will be hidden to protect the anonymity of respondents.

To view comments by check-in, select the "All Check-ins" filter, then select the specific check-in you would like to filter by.

Exit Survey

When you filter by 'Exit survey' on the Responses page, you will see responses from both voluntary and involuntary terminations. If the termination reason is included in the data file from the HRIS, then you can filter Exit check-in responses by termination reason. To filter by termination reason, select Responses > select to filter results by “Exit survey” > then you can select a small drop-down arrow to filter by Voluntary or Involuntary terminations.  


Responsiveness represents the response rate for the WorkStep check-ins or the total number of respondents divided by the total number of recipients. The large number represents your responsiveness for the current period, and the smaller number represents the change from the previous period. The time period is based on the Time period you have selected, either the "Last 90 days" or "Last 180 days."


  • Q: When I apply a specific filter, I'm not able to see any responses for the data set. A: If applied filters return a data set that has fewer than 3 responses, the responses will be hidden to hide the anonymity of the respondents.

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