Check-Ins Overview

WorkStep RETAIN Check-ins

Check-ins are used in WorkStep RETAIN to improve and increase retention in your organization. Check-ins are sent during employees’ critical employment milestones to reduce turnover at these milestones. 

Check-ins are sent at the following employment milestones: 

  • 7-day
  • 30-day
  • 60-day
  • 90-day
  • 180-day

We also send these check-ins:

  • Exit check-in: when the employee separates from the company for both voluntary and involuntary separations. 
  • Recurring check-in: sent every 90-days after the other milestone check-ins are completed to track the employee’s satisfaction across their employment lifecycle. 

For a complete list of all questions visit: WorkStep RETAIN Check-in Questions

Additional information about check-ins:

  • All responses are anonymous. We protect the anonymity of employees so they feel comfortable giving honest feedback. 
  • Each check-in contains 12-16 questions.
  • All questions have been tested for their correlation to retention. We review the results associated with questions and outcomes each quarter to make improvements.  
  • Responses from partially completed check-ins will be recorded in the system. 
  • Users can return to answers and questions they have not completed. Reminders will be sent for check-ins that have not been started, as well as check-ins that are partially completed. 
  • Users are not able to modify previously submitted responses. 
  • Check-ins are sent at 2 pm local time
  • Responders are able to skip questions. Selecting to skip a question will count towards completing the check-in. 

Delivery methods for check-ins

  • Check-ins are sent via text message and email if the employee has a mobile phone number and email address details available. 
  • The email address employees will receive email check-ins is:
  • The phone number employees will receive SMS messages from is: +1-833-409-8422.

WorkStep Introduction Email

Once check-ins are enabled, newly added employees will be sent an introduction email from WorkStep letting them know they will begin to receive check-ins at key employment milestones. Check-ins will begin to be delivered to newly added employees according to their tenure after they've received the introduction email.


  • If the employee does not respond to the first request, then the system will send reminders for up to 5 days after the initial request.
  • The system waits one day after the first request. If a response is not completed, then the system will send a reminder via SMS.  
  • The system waits one more day after the second request. If check-in is still not completed, and if email exists, then the system will send an email reminder.  
  • The system will then alternate email and SMS every other day for 5 days or until check-in is completed. 

Exit Check-in

Every employee who has a termination date will receive the Exit check-in. This includes both voluntary and involuntary terminations. If the termination reason is included in the data file from the HRIS, then you can filter Exit check-in responses by termination reason. To filter by termination reason, select Responses > select to filter results by “Exit survey” > then you can select a small drop-down arrow to filter by Voluntary or Involuntary terminations.  

Company branding included in check-in emails

Your logo will appear at the top of check-in emails sent to your employees.

How Anonymity Works

Protecting the anonymity of the feedback we collect is key to gathering the most candid and insightful feedback possible.

  • Whenever a category has fewer than three responses, the responses are hidden. For example, if you filtered by a role, facility, or check-in, and the filtered results returned fewer than three responses, the responses are hidden.
  • Responses are never displayed on the same day they are collected. Recent comments will include comments received yesterday but will not include comments received today.

How Opt-Out Works

Employees who recieve check-ins are always given the option to opt-out. When an employee selects to opt-out, the employee will no longer receive future WorkStep check-ins.

  • SMS Opt-Out: If an employee opts out of the SMS message, the employee will no longer receive SMS check-ins from WorkStep, however, the employee will continue to receive email check-ins.
  • Email Opt-Out: If an employee opts out of email check-ins, the employee will no longer receive email and SMS check-ins.
  • When an employee opts out of check-ins, the employee will no longer be counted in response rates for your organization.

Best Practices for Increasing Response Rates

Examples of Check-Ins

Check-in FAQs

  • Q: An employee says they did not receive a check-in, do we know if the check-in was sent? A: The WorkStep system sends check-ins at the above-described milestones consistently. However, it's possible that a check-in was not received if the contact information for the employee is not accurate or if the employee has opted out of check-ins. Sometimes employees receive the check-in but don't recognize it as being a WorkStep check-in. Informing employees of WorkStep check-ins will increase recognition and improve response rates. Click here for more information on Best Practices to Improve Response Rates
  • Q: How long do the check-ins stay valid, including the Exit survey? A: Check-ins, including the Exit survey, do not expire. The link will stay valid indefinitely.

Questions? Reach out to our support team at (213) 377-0974 or email us at

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