FAQs and Best Practices for Socializing WorkStep RETAIN

-> When should we tell employees to take the check-ins? This is a common question because:

  • Some organizations have strict policies around no phones on the manufacturing floor.
  • Some employers have concerns about asking hourly employees to work outside of paid working hours.

WorkStep recommends check-ins be completed while on the clock, if possible. Every employee should receive messaging that participation is fully optional (in case completed off the clock). The time it takes to complete a check-in (~1 minute/quarter) should be considered "de minimus," meaning too trivial or minor to merit consideration.

-> Do workers need to be paid for the time they spend submitting feedback?

Generally, because check-ins are explicitly voluntary and, if the worker does decide to participate, only take about a minute per quarter, workers do not need to be paid for this time.

-> We don’t allow phones on the floor - can we still use WorkStep RETAIN?

Yes, workers can participate in WorkStep RETAIN check-ins whether they are on or off the floor. Since check-ins will be valid (will not expire) until the employee's next check-in is sent, they can complete their check-in at any time.

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