Best Practices for Improving Response Rates

Response rates in WorkStep are calculated based on unique respondents divided by unique recipients in a given period of time. You will see higher response rates in a longer time period because individuals have been given multiple opportunities to respond to a check-in. If your response rate is 30% in a 90 day period of time, that means that 30% of individuals who have received check-ins have responded in that period of time.

The more responses you are able to collect from your employees, the more data you have to improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

You can increase response rates for WorkStep check-ins by informing employees that they will receive check-ins and how feedback received via check-ins will be used to improve working conditions. Listed below are some tips and best practices that can help your organization improve response rates:

Engage program leaders and general managers to drive the socialization of WorkStep throughout their facilities.
  • Share collateral that facility leaders can post in their facilities.
  • WorkStep posters can be posted in the break room or on monitors in your facilities. 

Share information about WorkStep check-ins as part of the new employee onboarding.

Encourage Onboarding Facilitators and HR representatives to hand out WorkStep flyers to each new hire. This will increase engagement and reduce turnover for new employees.

Let employees know what phone number and email address they will be receiving check-ins from so they can add this information to their contact list.
  • For SMS check-ins, the same phone number will be used for each check-in. : +1-833-409-8422. The email address employees will receive email check-ins is:
  • The phone number employees will receive SMS messages from is: +1-833-409-8422. Encourage employees to add this phone number to their contact list under the title “WorkStep Survey”.

Make sure you are keeping contact information for your employees up-to-date in your HRIS.

WorkStep will receive contact information from your HRIS scheduled report.

  • SMS messages do have a higher response rate than email check-ins, so ensuring that you have mobile numbers for your employees will increase response rates.

Communicate back to employees changes that are being made based on feedback received.

Let employees know that you are listening and responding to their feedback. If employees know that you are using the feedback gathered to make improvements they will be more likely to respond to future check-ins.

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