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Career Growth is the top concern for your employees; So says the insights on RETAIN’s Opportunity page. However, are you doing enough to make an impact here? Have you taken any actions recently?

With the new dedicated Actions view, you can now drill into actions taken across your major opportunities and beyond. Formerly, looking into each action meant opening up each theme, one at a time. Sounds tedious doesn’t it?

Looking at actions is easier than ever. With this new feature you can:

  • Monitor favorability trends across opportunities, both pre and post an action by simply clicking on action itself

  • Track your action goals: You’ve probably assigned your team members to take a certain number of actions to influence poorly performing engagement themes. Now, you can track progress by looking up actions created by a team member, or filtering by more granular criteria such as location, role type or the theme itself. 
  • Export your actions to CSV and incorporate the data directly within your workflows

  1. Once logged into WorkStep, open the Opportunities tab from the navigation bar to the left of the page
  2. Click on the Actions tab to view all actions

Note: The actions are ordered reverse chronologically with the latest first

  1. Click on each action to see the accordion view
  2. This is where you’ll see the change in favorability across each engagement theme to which this action is tied

You can also update or add an action any time within this view. Simply click on the pencil icon on the top and get started!

Note: Some favorability graphs may appear empty. This is due to the limited segment size where the action takes place: in these cases, the combination of filters/criteria for which this action was logged comprises less than 3 respondents, a threshold we adhere to to protect the confidentiality of employees' identity.

Want to quickly search for an action? Use the Search bar to type in what you’re looking for and hit enter. You’ll see a list of best match results.

Questions? Reach out to our support team at (213) 377-0974 or email us at employers@workstep.com.

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