What's my Scope?

What's my Scope?

Scope is the term we use to refer to the specific feedback and data you have been granted permission to view.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the feedback within your organization’s WorkStep data set, it’s vital that the right users have access to the right information, and that we are providing the most useful presentation of feedback, metrics, and insights for you as a user. For this reason, we allow administrators to determine the appropriate level of data available for their users - this could vary by factors such as location or department structure.

Because of this, you may have noticed that when adjusting filters for some of your WorkStep data that your “Scope” only allows you to see certain metrics. This is likely the case if your access level allows you to view feedback from a particular group of facilities, but not all feedback for the company as a whole.

For example you may make a point to view your Trending Topics to determine your facilities’ most prominent concerns, and compare it to those of the organization over all. If your access level does not allow you to view all company feedback, we’ll only be able to show you the information within your scope, that is, information related to the facilities to which you have access.

How do I change my Scope?

You'll want to reach out to an administrator for your WorkStep account to determine which facilities and permission level would be appropriate for you to have. Your administrator has access within the platform to update your permissions, or, you can reach out to our Support team for help!

Questions? Reach out to our support team at (213) 377-0974 or email us at employers@workstep.com.

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